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The Yoga Booty, Smoothie Drinking, Self Love-Up Guru shares insights & love-up tips for a healthier lifestyle with a fun approach to wellness that you can apply in your own life.

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Friday Aug 23, 2019

I like to call these little clips pea-pods! Listen in to this clip from a group coaching chat on the value of paying yourself first - Why sitting is the new smoking - and the importance of getting up and moving around everyday! Let's get to it! 

Saturday Aug 17, 2019

Welcome to the first of my podcasts! I'm getting warmed up and testing the podcast waters with this little release - check it out. In this clip - I'm sooo over self-improvement. Grab my takeaway from a 2-week sabbatical - and hear what you can take away from it too. Let's jump in - it's a small clip so you've got time xo - Heather  Musical Intro/Outro credit to my son, Dana Hodgson - I'll post some of his links soon!

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